Our Going Green Commitment

Grenada is pure – untouched, unspoiled, unadulterated – and a special part of the appeal surrounding the Pure Grenada Music Festival is its quest to establish a ‘pure approach’ to the music and performances it offers.

This also means adopting a green approach to minimize environmental impact as much as possible but also to articulate key environmental messages and issues facing our island. The Pure Grenada Music Festival, therefore, has established a “Go Green Initiative” to fuse world-class live musical performances with sustainable practices to keep Grenada pure. The Green Initiative includes the following:

  • PGMF will promote the usage of natural materials or up-cycle of used materials as displayed by the creation of the bamboo fencing of the festival village as well as by the use of recycled tires for festival village seating.
  • PGMF will maintain best practices in recycling to minimize waste. Recycling stations will be located throughout the event for aluminum cans, biodegradable plastic cups and paper products.
  • PGMF mandates eco-friendly requirements to all food and drink vendors through the usage of sustainable containers provided by Green Habitz.
  • PGMF patrons will be encouraged to reuse cups to minimize waste.


We are musicians and lovers of music, believers in the power of art and expression. The beautiful island of Grenada is our home.

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