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Renowned Swiss producer, Adrian Stern, is leading a mentoring programme with already very talented artists from Grenada - Nekoyan Bain, Tammy Baldeo​, Jasmine and Loxton Mitchell​. Expect a spectacular ensemble performance on Caribbean Night - presented by Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited​ - on Sun, 15 April 2018.

This mentoring programme is happening under the non-profit behind Pure Grenada Music Festival, Music & Beyond, which is committed to the development of talent and creation of opportunity for Grenadian musicians so that they can realise their full potential and fulfil their dreams.

Adrian Stern is a Swiss pop singer, songwriter and guitarist who writes and sings in the schwiizerdüütsch dialect typical of the Zürich region.

Based in Baden, a town of roughly 15,000 people in the Aargau canton about 25 kilometers northwest of Zürich, Stern made his independent recording debut in 2003 with a self-titled album on the label SME. In 2005 he made his major-label debut, S'Blaue vom Himmel, on Sony BMG, followed by Lieber Leider in 2008.

These major-label albums proved highly popular in Switzerland, where pop singer / songwriters like Stern generally sing in standard German or English rather than in a Swiss German dialect. S’Blaue vom Himmel was a Top Five hit on the Swiss albums chart while Lieber Leider was a Top Ten hit. Moreover, the latter spawned a couple minor hit singles: “Unhaltbar” and “Lieber Lieder”. In addition to his recording work, Stern performs live with a band including Simon Kaufmann (bass, vocals), Simon Kistler (drums, vocals), and Philippe Kuhn (keyboards).


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