Jana Caniga

Managing Director, Le Phare Bleu Boutique Hotel & Marina
Jana Caniga has taken many different paths throughout her life. Originally born in former Czechoslovakia, Jana emigrated to Switzerland at the age of eight, where she studied to become a teacher, a journalist, and then further bolstered her career by becoming a well-known news anchor at a prominent Swiss television company. Later she went on to manage a charitable organisation for the biggest retailer in Switzerland where, amongst other duties, she was responsible for the project ‘Strangers in Paradise’, the 20 Million Swiss Francs contribution made by her employer to Expo.02, the 6th Swiss National Exposition in 2002. After this experience, which was both challenging and gratifying, Jana took her first steps towards being an entrepreneur as the owner of a high-end Swiss restaurant. In 2006, Jana moved to Grenada with her husband Dieter, where they together built Le Phare Bleu, a boutique hotel and marina. She now holds a Grenadian passport, and is the Swiss Consulate in Grenada. Jana is a strong advocate for environmental and sustainable business practices, and is passionate about establishing and promoting ‘green’ initiatives wherever she can.
After living in Grenada for the past 10 years, Jana is truly convinced that all Grenada needs to complete its beauty and attractiveness is the addition of a successful annual music festival.


We are musicians and lovers of music, believers in the power of art and expression. The beautiful island of Grenada is our home.

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