Leyana Romain

Leyana Romain is a Grenadian by birth. Her love for nature, creating, music, people and life has made her an all rounder and a free spirit at heart. During her formative years Leyana developed a passion for ocean conservation and the environment which has transformed into a full time profession as a Conservationist, where she currently works on a coral reef restoration project. While at SGU, she was Projects and Activities Coordinator of ECO (Education Conservation Outreach), spearheading coastal clean ups and environmental forums. She is currently the acting Vice President for the Caribbean Youth Environment Network where she continues to push the need to align environmental conservation with our development goals and objectives while creating a space for dialogue and inclusion among young people

She believes that the missing link to help fix environmental problems is through a reignition of a spiritual and natural connection to nature

One of her most memorable experiences was sailing across the Atlantic Ocean conducting research on the Caribbean Spiny Lobster.  It was through this experience that she found a way to combine her interest in human well-being, environmental conservation and nation building.

Leyana joined the Pure Grenada Music Festival team in 2016 where she served as a team leader assisting with the recruit and coordination of volunteers. This year she is looking forward to contribute to the festival by providing her technical knowledge and creativity to help integrate useful principles that can be adopted by individuals and businesses to help improve environmental stewardship in Grenada


We are musicians and lovers of music, believers in the power of art and expression. The beautiful island of Grenada is our home.

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