Érik Pédurand

Érik Pédurand grew up a precocious child in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, captivated by his father’s CD collection. Born into a creole childhood with a family of musicians, his ears were nurtured by the music of Kassav, the rhythms of Gwo Ka, and the texts of Jacques Brel.

In 2003, at the age of 17, he made his début on National TV as a contestant on the show STARDOM, broadcast on the channel Guadeloupe Première. With his diploma in hand, Pédu- rand moved to Paris to study foreign languages at the University. While immersing himself
in his studies, he found himself increasingly drawn to the Paris underground music scene, where he would meet the musicians who would co-author his first songs and help launch his first album.

The artist’s first album “Chayé Kow” was released in 2009 under the label AWI Music. As the singles “Si ou pa la” and “On bel jouné” enjoyed significant radio play and TV rotation, the artist started to attract the attention of the industry. In 2009, Pédurand won the award for Best New Artist at the Afro-Caribbean Art Awards Ceremony in Paris (Trophées des arts afro- caribéens). In 2010 he finished the year with the best-selling album in the French West Indies. After a sold-out show at the prestigious Parisian venue La Cigale, Pédurand embarked on a whirlwind tour with the legendary group Kassav, world-renowned pioneers of Zouk. He performed for audiences throughout Europe, North America, and the Caribbean.

In 2013, Pédurand released his second album “Ecole Créole,” a sonorous voyage between the Caribbean and Africa. The album, an impressive demonstration of his unique influences, was meticulously crafted in his Parisian home-studio. Upon its release École Créole won immediate critical acclaim, capturing the “2013 Judges Choice” (Coup de Coeur) award in the category “Caribbean Music” at the Ceremony Elwa D’or en Guadeloupe in 2013.



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