Pure Grenada Music Festival Announces its Third Confirmed Artiste

(St. George’s, Grenada) – The Pure Grenada Music Festival (PGMF) has succeeded at signing yet another top class act to add to performances of the 2nd Pure Grenada Music Festival, dated May 5th – 7th. Under the kind support invested by the Government of Grenada and the Grenada Tourism Authority, PGMF continues to pursue its goals of putting Grenada on the map as a tourist and music festival destination. The PGMF now announces that Reggae Legends, Third World will be joining Tarrus Riley and Queen Ifrica as international performers for this year’s festival.

Third World is more than just one of the top Reggae bands of all time, it is an institution that stands for producing and performing music that, while holding firm to the cultural and ancestral roots of its members, still pushes forward the cutting edge of music worldwide. It is an institution whose themes are positive, progressive and internationally relevant: an asset to any size festival / event.
Guitarist Cat Coore said of their music: "The hybrid of various types of music is a natural thing because, by growing up in Jamaica, we know the direct roots of reggae and ska. At the same time we live in a country where you get to hear Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and all the R & B artists." Bassist Richard Daley said, "We took roots reggae music and put branches on top of it".
Be a part of a night of conscious reggae and legendary musical mastery on Friday 5th May, 2017 presented by Westerhall Rums featuring Third World and Queen Ifrica. Tickets are on sale at Grenadian Optical and online. Further information is available online at grenadamusicfestival.com

First International Artiste Announced - Tarrus Riley

(St. George’s, Grenada) – Pure Grenada Music Festival (PGMF) has confirmed Tarrus Riley as the first artiste to be announced for next year’s Music Festival, which takes place 5th to 7th May 2017 at Port Louis Marina on the Lawn. Tarrus Riley is carded to perform on Saturday 6th May, 2017. Get your tickets now.

Tarrus Riley is among the leading ambassadors of modern day Reggae Music in Jamaica. The singer’s commanding vocals, intuitive lyrics and vibrant personality have combined to create a formidable artiste with authentic credentials in Reggae music. His rising catalogue has been described as ‘healing’ music, and has brought adoration and acclaim from leading music luminaries from across the globe.

The PGMF committee is excited to make this announcement to the public and friends of the festival both locally and foreign based as it is known that Tarrus Riley is a local favourite in the Reggae arena. The committee waits with anticipation for what is promised to be an exuberating and stellar performance; which patrons are advised is one they do not want to miss.

Tarrus Riley considers himself as a voice of the people, and has set himself apart as someone who sings for the people. He defines himself as one who makes thought provoking music about Black consciousness and experiences with the intention to open people’s minds and let them think.

“My music isn’t prejudiced towards colour, class, creed or nationality,” he explains. “I target women and children with my music because slavery tampered with the woman’s mind and that’s why I wrote ‘She’s Royal’. She’s the head of the household so she has the power to influence the young men and women of tomorrow,” Riley adds.

In 2013 he won two International Reggae and World Music Awards for the Best Male Vocalist, and Most Cultural/Educational Entertainer for 2012. In 2015 he again recaptured awards in both categories.

In 2014, Tarrus was inducted in the Caribbean Hall of Fame for his outstanding contribution in music and won the category of Rocksteady/Ska/Early Reggae in the French Reggae Awards. His ‘GimmieLikkle One Drop’ was also added to BBC’s 1Xtra’s Official Playlist.

With special thanks to all our Donor's and our Sponsor's: Grenada Tourism Authority, Westerhall Rums, Netherlands Insurance, Hubbard's, Spice Isle Fish House Group and Quinn & Co. Visit our website to see our list of Donor's and how you can become one in return for VIP benefits.

Be a part of the Tarrus Riley Experience on Saturday 6th May, 2017 during the second edition of Pure Grenada Music Festival. Ticket and additional information can be found on the PGMF website www.grenadamusicfestival.com or by calling 1-473-444-2400.

Pure Grenada Music Festival Announces its Second Confirmed Artiste

(St. George’s, Grenada) – Pure Grenada Music Festival (PGMF) has goals of putting Grenada on the map as a music festival tourist destination by setting international standards in the music industry here on the island.   Supported and invested by the Grenadian Government and Grenada Tourist Authority based on the potential value to the island, PGMF plans to showcase all that Grenada has to offer, including amazing local talent and international artists.  This year, Queen Ifrica joins Tarrus Riley as yet another headliner for the highly anticipated, 2nd Pure Grenada Music Festival on May 5th-7th.

Swooping in from Montego Bay, Jamaica, Queen Ifrica is one of the few “conscious” female voices in popular reggae music. Concerned about her young female fans, on “Black Woman”, she encourages women to know their worth and not be swayed by images of popular culture, including dancehall reggae.  The Jamaican award-winning singer, songwriter and social activist, is expected to return this month with her new studio album Climb on VP Records where she continues to touch on key social issues throughout the album.  

“These songs come to me as I am watching the world; I see myself as a social worker that uses music as my tool because music is the greatest weapon to impact societal change, to help young people to understand themselves more," Ifrica says.

Be a part of the Queen Ifrica Experience on Friday 5th May, 2017 presented by Westerhall Rums. Tickets and further information are available online at grenadamusicfestival.com

Pure Grenada Music Festival’s “Ready for the Stage” a success.

(St. George’s, Grenada) – Pure Grenada Music Festival’s first event, Ready for the Stage, took place last weekend Saturday 10th December at Le Phare Bleu Hotel & Marina. The Ready for the Stage competition saw eight (8) extremely talented local bands competing for the chance to share the Main Stage at next year’s festival dated May 5th - 7th 2017, with highly acclaimed local, regional and international artistes.

Sabrina Francis, Ahkeem & Nature Claim, Sonika, Soul Deep, Sensation, Quiet Fire, Lion Paw & D-Unit as well as Loxton Mitchell performed a combination of original music and perfectly executed covers on Saturday. Each band was given half an hour to perform in front of a fully supportive audience made of Sponsors, Founders & Diamonds, band supporters and music lovers of all kinds.

Every band chose one original song that was recorded as a music video for Youtube. Once these videos are uploaded, the PGMF program committee will then choose three (3) bands to perform on the Main Stage and all others will perform on the secondary Village Stage.

Patrons thoroughly enjoyed each performance. 

“We had to find out exactly how many persons were on stage. They sounded like a full band. We could not believe that there were only an acoustic guitar and a keyboard being played. You deserve to be on that Main Stage” said two excited patrons to Loxton Mitchell after his very passionate performance.

 “I’ve known Dennison as a little boy beating tables as drums in primary school. I never thought he’d grow up to be so good at his vocals. I’ve heard him everywhere and I’d follow him everywhere to hear him perform.” another patron said about Lion Paw and D-Unit Band.

The PGMF committee and volunteers also had a tremendous experience.

 Piankhi Toussaint; Master of Ceremonies at Ready for the Stage said; "It is truly a blessing and an awesome opportunity to share the stage with such extraordinarily gifted performers; their differing styles making for a truly one of a kind experience. As a host, I am grateful that their ability to entertain makes my job easy in one way, while in another way, makes me elevate my standard to maintain the overall quality of the entire production.  The fact that there are so many amazing musical acts to filter through to finalize the Main Stage performances is testimony to the fact that Grenada is a nation brimming with talent. The audience is a powerful motivating force for the artistes and they create an atmosphere of love and encouragement. The venue, the stage, the sound system and the volunteers all work harmoniously to create the means for the artistes to showcase their gifts.  I am excitedly looking forward to The Pure

Grenada Music Festival and I am proud to say that we definitely have musicians and singers that are more than ready for the stage."

Arlene Friday; Festival Co-ordinator said; “The event was a true success!  Artistes of various musical genres performed flawlessly moving from act to act without delay and were able to captivate the audience of all ages.  Face painters kept smiles on children’s faces while Summer Juice slushies kept adults coming back for more and more!  There was never a dull moment because Ready For The Stage had something for everyone. It was definitely an event to remember!”

Festival Co-ordinator, Lynn Fletcher mentioned that tickets will be on sale from Friday 16th December via the PGMF website. "We are pleased to confirm that the standard price tickets will remain the same price as 2016, EC$70. A Festival Package is also available for EC$195, giving you entry to all three nights. This year, we are working on being able to scan tickets via your smartphone so there will be no need to print tickets thus saving paper and in keeping with our Going Green Action Group objectives. VIP tickets are also available online at EC$350 each. A VIP Package will also be offered and details of the VIP package will be available at a later date. Our ticket agents will be announced in the New Year, but cash ticket sales can be made at the PGMF office located at Le Phare Bleu Hotel & Marina".

The PGMF committee would like to thank everyone who was able to attend as well as all Sponsors, Diamonds, Supporters and friends of the festival: Westerhall Rums, Netherlands Insurance,  Grenada Tourism Authority, Le Phare Bleu Hotel & Marina, Hubbard's, Spice Isle Fish House, Boss FM and Summer Juices. The committee also looks forward to the videos of each band that will be produced from Saturday’s events. Their aim is utilize these videos as a platform for our tremendously talented home grown artistes and to assist them in the production of quality musical performances at next year’s festival.

Additional information on our Ready for the Stage bands and ticket sales can be found on the PGMF website www.grenadamusicfestival.com or by calling 1-473-444-2400. Pure Grenada Music Festival; Great Music…Naturally


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