Pure Grenada Music Festival’s “Ready for the Stage” a success.

(St. George’s, Grenada) – Pure Grenada Music Festival’s first event, Ready for the Stage, took place last weekend Saturday 10th December at Le Phare Bleu Hotel & Marina. The Ready for the Stage competition saw eight (8) extremely talented local bands competing for the chance to share the Main Stage at next year’s festival dated May 5th - 7th 2017, with highly acclaimed local, regional and international artistes.

Sabrina Francis, Ahkeem & Nature Claim, Sonika, Soul Deep, Sensation, Quiet Fire, Lion Paw & D-Unit as well as Loxton Mitchell performed a combination of original music and perfectly executed covers on Saturday. Each band was given half an hour to perform in front of a fully supportive audience made of Sponsors, Founders & Diamonds, band supporters and music lovers of all kinds.

Every band chose one original song that was recorded as a music video for Youtube. Once these videos are uploaded, the PGMF program committee will then choose three (3) bands to perform on the Main Stage and all others will perform on the secondary Village Stage.

Patrons thoroughly enjoyed each performance. 

“We had to find out exactly how many persons were on stage. They sounded like a full band. We could not believe that there were only an acoustic guitar and a keyboard being played. You deserve to be on that Main Stage” said two excited patrons to Loxton Mitchell after his very passionate performance.

 “I’ve known Dennison as a little boy beating tables as drums in primary school. I never thought he’d grow up to be so good at his vocals. I’ve heard him everywhere and I’d follow him everywhere to hear him perform.” another patron said about Lion Paw and D-Unit Band.

The PGMF committee and volunteers also had a tremendous experience.

 Piankhi Toussaint; Master of Ceremonies at Ready for the Stage said; "It is truly a blessing and an awesome opportunity to share the stage with such extraordinarily gifted performers; their differing styles making for a truly one of a kind experience. As a host, I am grateful that their ability to entertain makes my job easy in one way, while in another way, makes me elevate my standard to maintain the overall quality of the entire production.  The fact that there are so many amazing musical acts to filter through to finalize the Main Stage performances is testimony to the fact that Grenada is a nation brimming with talent. The audience is a powerful motivating force for the artistes and they create an atmosphere of love and encouragement. The venue, the stage, the sound system and the volunteers all work harmoniously to create the means for the artistes to showcase their gifts.  I am excitedly looking forward to The Pure

Grenada Music Festival and I am proud to say that we definitely have musicians and singers that are more than ready for the stage."

Arlene Friday; Festival Co-ordinator said; “The event was a true success!  Artistes of various musical genres performed flawlessly moving from act to act without delay and were able to captivate the audience of all ages.  Face painters kept smiles on children’s faces while Summer Juice slushies kept adults coming back for more and more!  There was never a dull moment because Ready For The Stage had something for everyone. It was definitely an event to remember!”

Festival Co-ordinator, Lynn Fletcher mentioned that tickets will be on sale from Friday 16th December via the PGMF website. "We are pleased to confirm that the standard price tickets will remain the same price as 2016, EC$70. A Festival Package is also available for EC$195, giving you entry to all three nights. This year, we are working on being able to scan tickets via your smartphone so there will be no need to print tickets thus saving paper and in keeping with our Going Green Action Group objectives. VIP tickets are also available online at EC$350 each. A VIP Package will also be offered and details of the VIP package will be available at a later date. Our ticket agents will be announced in the New Year, but cash ticket sales can be made at the PGMF office located at Le Phare Bleu Hotel & Marina".

The PGMF committee would like to thank everyone who was able to attend as well as all Sponsors, Diamonds, Supporters and friends of the festival: Westerhall Rums, Netherlands Insurance,  Grenada Tourism Authority, Le Phare Bleu Hotel & Marina, Hubbard's, Spice Isle Fish House, Boss FM and Summer Juices. The committee also looks forward to the videos of each band that will be produced from Saturday’s events. Their aim is utilize these videos as a platform for our tremendously talented home grown artistes and to assist them in the production of quality musical performances at next year’s festival.

Additional information on our Ready for the Stage bands and ticket sales can be found on the PGMF website www.grenadamusicfestival.com or by calling 1-473-444-2400. Pure Grenada Music Festival; Great Music…Naturally

Eight local bands chosen for ‘Ready for the Stage’ by PGMF

Ready for the Stage is the first activity hosted by the Pure Grenada Music Festival. This event will see Grenadian bands performing original music to an audience at Le Phare Bleu on Saturday 10th December 2016, for the opportunity to perform at the Pure Grenada Music Festival, 5th to 7th May 2017.

Local bands were asked to audition by submitting live recordings of two (2) original songs. Of the many talented bands to send in their auditions, eight (8) have been chosen. These bands, listed in no particular order, are:

  1. Soul Deep
  2. Sabrina Francis
  3. Patrick Delves (Cutting Edge)
  4. D-Unit
  5. A#keem
  6. Loxton Mitchell
  7. Sonika
  8. Quiet Fire

The PGMF committee wishes to thank all bands who submitted entries and to congratulate the eight (8) aforementioned bands on their success. The committee waits with anticipation for what is sure to be an afternoon of spectacular performances, as they wish to ensure that quality musical talents are handpicked for the festival’s programme.

Patrons and supporters are invited to enjoy the live music and support their favourite bands at 2pm on Saturday 10th December at Le Phare Bleu Boutique Hotel & Marina, Petite Calivigny. Make it an evening of enjoyment for the entire family, with delicious food, great company and magnificent music.

Additional information can be found on the PGMF website www.grenadamusicfestival.com or by calling 1-473-444-2400.

For more information please contact Lynn Fletcher on 456 7614 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pure Grenada Music Festival 2017

The official dates for the second annual Pure Grenada Music Festival (PGMF) were announced today as 5th to 7th May 2017 at a ceremony held in Venus Restaurant & Sports Lounge. Grenada will host yet another international festival celebrating great music, community, youth and environmental sustainability through going green initiatives.

“In April of this year we hosted our first music festival which received tremendous accolades for the high quality of local and international talent, event organisation, beautiful venues and support of building a music legacy on the island. The next Pure Grenada Music Festival would be three (3) days of quality music of mixed genres from Grenada, the Caribbean region and international countries,” said Dieter Burkhalter, Chair of the Steering Committee of the PGMF.

The PGMF aims to deliver a world-class event for the enjoyment of Grenadians and visitors alike. The team of volunteers who make up the steering committee and sub-committees are currently planning the programme, developing a marketing strategy, and seeking funding from sponsors, and Diamond Club members.

The Government of Grenada and the Grenada Tourism Authority are officially partners of the festival and Netherlands Insurance Company Limited is officially a gold sponsor of the 2017 Pure Grenada Music Festival.

“The Government of Grenada recognises the tremendous potential to create another cultural event on the island to showcase our talent and to bring our rich cultural heritage together into one spectacular event,” said Brenda Hood, Minister of Culture. “Together with our support, we are well on our way to putting Grenada on the map for international music festivals, showing once again our small island can deliver big results.”

“The Pure Grenada Music Festival is a perfect opportunity to draw people to Grenada for a unique musical experience. Once visitors are on island, we can further promote our rich culture, delectable foods, pristine beaches, and lush rainforests. We have partnered with the PGMF to help market the events in our major source markets, ensuring that our tourism partners receive additional business during the low-peak times.” said Ms. Francine Stewart, Marketing Manager at the Grenada Tourism Authority.

“First of all I want to give thanks for seeing another Pure Grenada Music Festival. Some people have raised the question ‘will there be another one’ and want to give thanks to the organisers for the answer. The experience of 2016 was great. It helped us expose our craft, talent and music to the international world. The hospitality given was the best we have ever experienced in Grenada. We are all musicians and should all be treated the same, both Grenadian and International, some organisers fall short of this but not PGMF.” said Electrify from Luni Sparks & Electrify.

The PGMF organisers have recently launched ‘Ready For The Stage’ inviting Grenadians bands to have the opportunity to perform during the Pure Grenada Music Festival. Electrify went on to say “The organisers are sending out the right message to start working on your craft as there are so many hidden talents in Grenada as a whole. Putting that message out there to come and be part of the PGMF 2017 is a step in the right direction. We want to give thanks for this opportunity”.  Chrislyn Lashington, Corporate Communications Officer, Grenada Tourism Authority and PGMF Steering Committee Member, highlighted that Luni Sparks & Electrify do a lot for music by helping young persons and visiting schools so thanked them for their efforts.

More details can be found on the website for those interested in a chance of performing during the Pure Grenada Music Festival through the ‘Ready For The Stage’ project.

A video presentation during the event highlighted the 2016 festival. It reflected the energy, beauty and world class talent that was delivered and built excitement for the upcoming event. This video is available for viewing on www.grenadamusicfestival.com.

Once again, there will be the undertaking of a Go Green Initiative to positively impact the environment. Recycling and reuse instead of wastage will be a major focus of the festival.

The launch of the Pure Grenada Music Festival culminated with the unveiling of a large guitar-shaped billboard with the festival logo and the 2017 festival dates, which is prominently installed on the Grand Anse Roundabout, courtesy of Spiceland Mall. 

Be part of the Pure Grenada Music Festival 2017

Dear Friend

Your opportunity to be part of the Pure Grenada Music Festival 2017, 5th – 7th May
We are writing to you to introduce the Pure Grenada Music Festival Diamond Club - an exclusive club for individuals wishing to help us deliver the 2017 Music Festival.

So many of us in Grenada care passionately about the island and about the development of music and young musicians here. With your help we would like to build on the success of PGMF 2016, to place Grenada firmly on the map as a music festival destination, and to help benefit our Grenadian people and business.

Our Diamond Club offers you the opportunity of being associated with an exciting, high quality, international event that also showcases the best talent Grenada can offer.

To join our Diamond Club we are requesting a minimum donation of EC$3500. The benefits for you of joining our Club will include:

  • 2 x Personalized Festival Passes with lanyards, giving two people VIP access to all 3 events
  • VIP Parking inside Port Louis (standard VIP tickets purchased at the box office will offer parking outside of Port Louis)
  • VIP entry and security lanes for fast access to the Festival Village
  • Access to VIP lounge offering high quality food and beverage
  • Exclusive access to front stage area
  • Donor website listing (personal rather than company name, see corporate sponsor note below)
  • 2 x invitations to ‘Take A Peek Festival Preview’ event at Port Louis - Thursday 4th May
  • Diamond liaison contact for information and to book additional tickets – no need to queue at the box office

Newsletter updates

We very much hope you will join our exclusive Diamond Club - you will be proud of having helped deliver the Pure Grenada Music Festival 2017, and you will also enjoy the significant benefits of membership at our events in May.

Places in the Diamond Club are limited, so if you wish to join us and make your donation please contact Lynn Fletcher via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 456-7614.

Yours sincerely

Dieter Burkhalter
Pure Grenada Music Festival

* Note for Potential Corporate Sponsors
Should you be interested in corporate rather than personal sponsorship, we are offering packages from EC$7,500 for Bronze level. Please do not hesitate to contact us if this is of interest.

Recap 2016

Watch the Recap of the 2016 on Youtube.


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