The British Collective

Get ready...The British Collective are here!

The British Collective bring together five of the United Kingdom’s finest ever male R&B artists, Junior Giscombe, Lee John, Omar, Don-E and Noel McKoy. Having sold millions of records worldwide over a period spanning 3 decades as artists, songwriters and musicians, there coming together as ‘The British Collective’ will raise the bar of british R&B to new levels and set the trend for a new era of quality soulful music on a global scale.

The first single and video release was ‘Romantic’, an easy going and uplifting soulful song with an extremely catchy hook. It is the first time, the collective are seen coming together and captures both their individualism and ease of working together, with a promise of the things to come.

That’s just the beginning, there is an album on the way, which will be completed in the next few weeks, where audiences will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy contributions from all the artists and some very special guests. The album is full of firsts, with an emphasis on smooth, warm and familiar vocals combined with killer musical arrangements, evoking the memories of bands like Earth, Wind & Fire in a contemporary fashion. As the members of The British Collective State:

“All of our contributions to music are well documented in history for all to see, but it’s all about where we go next. And we’re all really excited about that.”

This is coupled with intended tour dates of Africa, Europe and the Americas in which the ‘British Collective’ will collaborate with international and local artists.


Love makes the world go round -


Mama used to say -

Lee John

Imagination - Just an illusion -

Noel Mckoy

Family -


There's nothing like this -


We are musicians and lovers of music, believers in the power of art and expression. The beautiful island of Grenada is our home.

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